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RAILTOOL LLC provides independent services and support tools for configuration, testing, commissioning and diagnostics of railway subsytems and components.

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RAILTOOL GmbH stellt unabhängige Dienstleistungen und Werkzeug für Konfiguration, Tests, Inbetriebsetzung und Diagnose von Bahntechnik Teilsystemen zur Verfügung.

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ETCS BaliseViewer mobile tool:

ETCS (European train control system) BaliseViewer is a simple app for the visualisation of the content of ETCS Eurobalise data according to the ETCS language. It is used for testing purposes in railway signalling environment. LEU (Lineside Electronic Unit) and TLG (Telegram) programming files can be imported and corresponding data is displayed and visualised.

“We bring ETCS closer to the railway”

Swiss Services and Support
tools for the European Railways

Schweizer Dienstleistungen und
Werkzeuge für die Bahnen Europas

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