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Tilt autohorisation and Speed Supervision" (TASS) UK Packet 44:

TASS operation is selected according to the state of the driver's master controller. TASS reads Eurobalise messages, andacts on those containing TASS data packets, which are of three types:

1. Management Data, including data for fault reporting, distance checking, etc. This packet takes the place of more complex functions within ERTMS;

2. Tilt Authority for the section ahead (which may be different for the two train types);

3. Speed ProfIle for each train type for the section ahead, with associated gradient profIles and details of any TPWS isolation actions needed.

Each of these data packets is an ERTMS packet 44. TASS is a registered UK application, and the TASS balise telegram specification is published by Railway Safety.

Here is a preview on the UK packet decoder integrated in the Railtool Software:

The existing railtool software platform can easily be extended in order to decode, concert and present other national packet 44 information.

Die entwickelte Railtool Software Plattform kann auf einfache Weise für die Codierung und Darstellung anderer Packet 44 Inhalte erweitert werden.

Contact us and send us the specification of your system and we will implement your functionality and balise reader interface in our common european test tool!

Schicken Sie und ihre Spezifikationen und wir implementieren Ihre Funktionalitäten und Schnittstelle zum Balisenlesegerät in das gemeinsame europäische Testtool!

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